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Gather Apron

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Not your regular gardening apron: the Gather Apron.


Gone are the days of stuffing tomatoes into  your pockets while your hands are full of other produce. The Gather Apron was developed with the gardener in mind, turning a traditional apron into a more functional model with a "harvest" pocket transition.


Simply tie and bring the bottom of the apron to buttons on the waist level to create a roomy pocket for your gathering needs. Use both hands to collect your fruits, vegetables and more while getting them safely to your home.


The gather apron is fully adjustable with a sliding neck and waist tie.


Currently available in 2 colours, dusk (black chambray) and oatmeal (natural).


Dusk is 100% organic linen while oatmeal is a cotton/linen blend.


Made to order in Hamilton, Canada.