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ALFRESCO Bowl Cover Trio

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Reusable bowl covers will keep your need for cling wrap at bay while making your spread extra cheerful. No more falling pollen or buzzing flies on your masterpieces, just cover and uncover your bowls of food. Also a great option for transporting meals, proofing that pizza dough, and keeping fruit flies off the fruit bowl.
Also see XL Bowl Cover
The ALFRESCO line is a limited quantity release, with 4 beautifully curated colours: Calendula (yellow), Marigold (orange), Black Dahlia (black), and Lilac (mauve-pink)
    • Double sided, 100% linen side + 100% undyed cotton side
    • OEKO TEX certified
    • Made in Ontario, Canada
    • Sold as a set of 3: small, medium, large
    • Wash cold and airdry