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LEKKO life goods

Sourdough Bread Starter Kit

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Everything you need to start your sourdough baking journey in one kit. Nothing beats the smell of home baked bread in the morning, and there’s something magical about holding a loaf you created yourself.

But let’s be honest, sourdough seems intimidating.

That’s where the dehydrated sourdough starter comes into play. Lauren has just handed you the key to success: a tried and true recipe that will revive the starter included and get you that much closer to baking glorious, homemade goodness.

Once you are ready to bake your bread, don’t be held back by a surprise shopping list of tools. Use the LEKKO cover on your starter, get a great rise in a proofing basket, or else known as banneton, and then cover your beautiful loaf with a LEKKO linen bread bag. 


LEKKO life goods and Bake Lab’s Lauren Hambleton have teamed up to bring you the best bread baking experience at home, all accessible in one easy kit.



  • Banneton (proofing basket)
  • Bake Lab dehydrated sourdough starter
  • Bake Lab instructions for rehydrating your starter and making a successful loaf of bread 
  • LEKKO small bowl/large jar cover*
  • LEKKO linen bread bag *



*come in different colours, maker’s selection. If specific colour is wanted, please leave a note with your order.